Ethically made to treasure forever

ATELIER RIVE is working step by step on sustainability - as we are inspired by our kids every day, we really believe that we can have a positive impact on their lives by teaching them to care about our environment including the clothes they wear.

As a very first action we decided to work only with well-known factories. For our whole production we wanted to use fabrics that are as organic and sustainable as possible - offering you European made clothes made under fair conditions! Our Portuguese manufacturer follows the best quality standards and offers production under these certifications: OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, BSCI, GOTS, Sedex, SGS (ISO 14001, 9001).

Offering better products, rather than more

Our products are all the result of a long and emotional designing process. As we want to create favorite pieces in your wardrobe which last for a very long time, we focussed on high quality fabrics and neutral colors. We want to show that slow fashion is the more sustainable choice and sometimes less is more. Nevertheless we are still fashion people and love to combine our ideas to cool, easy-to-wear pieces that we hope you will cherish and pass down for generations to come.

Undyed products

In our first collection we integrate special undyed, that means un-colored, styles we very much love! All products in our favorite TOFU are made of undyed, soft fabrics which did not proceed the production part of being colored in our factories. Therefore we take one step further: less water pollution, less energy used and a wonderful all-time-favorite color made by nature. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Styles in undyed Tofu: Charity Edition Cool Longsleeve, Charity Edition Cool Longsleeve Mini, Matching Sweater, Matching Pants, Matching Sweater Mini, Matching Pants Mini, Baby Blanket

Charity-Edition of our Cool Longsleeve

For us, it’s important to support small charity projects with wonderful people behind them. In the past we already donate to the German „Hilfe im Schwangerschaftskonflikt e.V.“ which is a Düsseldorf-based association supporting pregnant women
who are in an emergency situation.

Therefore we create our natural-based, cotton-color longsleeve with our heart-embroidery on the chest pocket - which symbolizes the endless love and connection between a mum and her child. 10 percent of our revenue of this Mini & Adults Style will be donated to HiSKO for supporting all those wonderful Mamas-to-be.

Charity-Edition Styles: Cool Longsleeve, Cool Longsleeve Mini

Further information about the work of HiSKO please find on their website