Your Twinning Concept

When we founded ATELIER RIVE in 2020, we wanted to ensure that our upcoming styles should be minimalistic and relate to a modern & loving family bond. Up until that point we found it very difficult to create cool, but also sustainable, Minime-Looks with our little baby boy. 

Working on our first designs, we realized how much work these different aspects we wanted to take into account, really are. In addition, all Minis grow so fast, so we needed to make sure that our styles have easy fits, they can be worn for a long time and feel very comfy for their new daily adventures. 

For our adult Collection of course, there should be the same benefits - as young parents we love these easy-to-combine styles, oversize looks and minimalistic designs. And to be honest: How nice is a pair of unisex sweatshirts and comfortable pants to pick from your boyfriend’s wardrobe ;-)

So here we are: A Collection full of charming & timeless designs for your Twinning-Looks. We checked that they are easy to combine with each other as well as easy to wear as standalone pieces. 

Of course our products are sustainable and mostly made of organic cotton - another very, very important point we wanted to stick to in cooperation with our European manufacturers! You can read more about principles and ideas under sustainability

As a result of many adjustments, comments on proto-samples and video calls with our colleagues in Portugal we had a small, but very selected Collection with styles we truly believe in. 

For us, the Twinning Concept goes one step further: Even the selection of our colors is warm, inviting and mostly gender neutral, all tones have a long-term appeal. We love the idea of creating matching looks for the whole family, but making it a bit more sophisticated and minimalistic. We love an excuse to match with our little besties whilst they still let us ;-) 

As our Collections are gender-neutral and season-independent, we would love to see your ATELIER RIVE favorites passed along amongst family & friends. Maybe it has always been your sister-in-law, cousin our your Godchild you want to create your very own #matchymatchy look with. We would love to see your styling of our Collection - tag us to be featured on our Instagram @atelierrive