Welcome to Atelier Rive

We are a small, family-based business founded in 2020 by Isabel with support of her family. With the birth of our little son end of 2019 we totally fell in love with him and his baby and kids fashion!

As our family worked in this business for years, we were always looking for timeless, but fashionable pieces for the three of us. We liked the idea of creating cool Twinning-Looks for the whole family, but also wanted to focus on sustainable and long-lasting styles.

For a very long time we were searching for minimalistic #matchymatchy products, mostly gender-neutral and in our favorite nature-based colors, but could not really find them.


With Covid-19 pandemic there came a special and challenging time for us as a young family, always trying to keep our heads up, be creative and stay positive. We used to spent our time very close together, dreaming about the future and also brainstorming new business ideas and products we would love to create ourselves.
After we got in touch with our Portuguese manufacturer and starting working on first samples, we suddenly felt a super positive energy and lots of new ideas coming up. We founded ATELIER RIVE in summer of 2020, reworked on our designs and implemented the first Collection for spring 2021. 
We hope you guys will love our products and the spirit behind ATELIER RIVE as much as we do! 
Happy shopping and lots of love,
yours Isabel & little Mini J. 
drawing by Tiffany Maaßen